Brighter Days

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What do you do when you are feeling a bit down, or as it is often said ‘one degree under’? What action do you take when you are not feeling bright in your heart? Do you seek escape by watching your favourite video that you have seen many times before and know the plot very well, especially the emotional bits or do you go for a walk and get lost in your own thoughts? Or do you distract yourself by reading a book or baking a cake or do you just do nothing?

Personally, I used to just sit, close my mind and think nothing. But now, since I have learnt Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, I create really challenging Ikebana flower arrangements. I turn my ‘feeling down’ moments into brighter day by engaging my mind in observing the beauty of plants and flowers and creating satisfying arrangements.

Wonderful range of flowers, plants and greeneries are available now that the flower stalls and shops are open. The gardens are blooming with vibrant colours and on sunny days I feel colourful flowers are dancing to catch my attention.

Last week, on a grey day, I found some vibrant Gerberas in a flower shop in Ealing, West London, that infused a brightness within at a time when I was feeling a bit down. My imagination started to work on how I can use the Gerberas that have a short vibrancy period once cut from the plant. The challenge of the question, “what can I create” knowing that I must come to a design solution quickly lit up my heart.


I found some greeneries in my small garden and I went to work on the Ikebana composition immediately. Very soon I was able to make two arrangements and by the end of the second one my mood lifted from ‘down’ to ‘up beat’. The day became brighter!