What is Ikebana and Ikanobo school


Ikebana is a simple translation that means to put flowers in a container. However, as it was started about 500 years ago by a Buddhist monk in Kyoto, Japan who used plants, flowers and greeneries in their environment to express his spiritual aspect of nature and life.

It was spread as an art form in high society such as royalty, aristocracy and Shogunates. It is now highly developed skills and taught by different schools of Ikebana. The fist school is Ikenobo School.

Ikenobo School

Ikenobo School which I belong to is the original such school established in 1462. Since then the masters of Ikenobo School have developed three distinct forms of expression. “Rikka”, “Shoka” and “Jiyuka”. My training is in all three forms.