Yoko Loomba an Ikebana practitioner in West London. Creative art of Japanese flower arranging

I am Yoko and now will tell you about me.

My journey with Ikebana started in 2000 with my aunt, who is Professor of Ikenobo School in Japan. I discovered a new world of creativity where through the simple but intricate arrangement of flowers and greeneries I could create wonderful and pleasing works of natural art that also had the power to affect emotions and moods, as well as adding to the beauty of our immediate environment. This led me to wanting to learn all I could about this unique art form and to pass on my knowledge and skills to others. The journey of learning Ikebana continued after moving to London in 2005 and I became Associated Professor of Ikenobo School in 2012. Since then, I started to share my experiences and knowledge of Ikebana through individual beginner lessons and demonstrations. I am still exploring, this is a life long journey, I would like to invite you and your friends to join me in exploring of Ikebana.