Spring has sprung

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Many of us enjoyed the sunshine and warm Spring air for few days last week. We could feel the exhilaration of ‘Spring in the air’. Since then, the air temperature around all of Britain has dropped dramatically and Ealing in West London is no exception. Even though the strong and chilly wind hit my face as I walked around the local park, nature was telling me that Spring is here!

SAKURA (Cherry blossom) at Kew Gardens - ikebana for you, the art of Japanese flower arranging in Ealing
SAKURA (Cherry blossom) at Kew Gardens

Day light is getting longer, new leaves are sprouting, flowers are about to bloom and birds are chirping everywhere. For me, and I am sure for you too, Spring is a feeling of emerging or start of something new. It feels as though life was coiled up spring through the winter and suddenly it has sprung into action now. I feel that my creative thoughts that were held back through the winter are ready to emerge in my Ikebana flower compositions.

I am constantly amazed by the cycle of nature and specially during Spring time. During Winter the trees are bare, flower bulbs and seeds are covered by wet and heavy soil; dormant and not visible. But when the air gets warmer things visibly to start to happen. Trees sprout new leaves, bulbs push through the wet soil and become glorious display of flowers. This shows to me that the life force of nature is just amazing and beautiful. I feel refreshingly motivated to learn more about Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. My recent Ikebana composition below is in the style of Jiyuka, free style. The flowers from my friend’s garden in Ealing.

Jiyuka (Camellia, New Zealand Flax) - Ikebana for you, the art of Japanese flower arranging in Ealing
Jiyuka (Camellia, New Zealand Flax)